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The world is facing an increasing obesity epidemic. And we are here to CRUSH IT, 10lbs at a time.

Body by Vi offer a unique proposition to individuals who wish to put a dent in the world obesity problem, by becoming a Body by Vi Promoter.

What does it take to promote the Challenge?

Simply challenge everyone you care about to get healthy with you.

With Body by Vi you promote the Project 10 Challenge which customers sign up to via your promoter website, and Body by Vi deliver the Challenge Kits to the customers.

There is no stock to carry, you don’t have to deal with returns, and all sales are made through your website which Body by Vi supply you with.

How to promote Body by Vi

Promoting the Project 10 Challenge is two simple steps:

  • Accept the Challenge yourself
  • Challenge everyone you know! (we will show you the best way to do this).

As a Body by Vi Promoter, you are paid weekly commissions every Tuesday for your own customer sales, and monthly commissions on the 15th of each month for team commissions.

You receive as a Vi Promoter up to 20% commission on your own customer sales depending on monthly sales volume.

So say for example you sign a customer up to the Boost Kit – that will earn you up to 20% of £119 each month – that’s as much as £23.80 a month.

On the Transformation Kit you would earn up to £39.80 a month per customer.

If you sign up ten customers on the Transformation Kit, that’s earnings of £398.00 extra income each month.

Vi also pay many additional bonuses to promoters, including a bonus for helping customers achieve “3 for Free” when they find three friends to do the Challenge with them.

Help your ten customers to find three people each on the Transformation Kit, and you’re earning £1194 approximately each month, just from personal customer commissions.

Body by Vi is the only weight loss company to pay bonuses when customers get results!

This is the really amazing thing about promoting the Challenge. You also get a bonus for helping customers to lose 10lbs of fat, or build 10lbs of muscle. So it is in your interest to help all your customers to stick to the suggested meal plan, and do exercise. We have even heard of team members going round to customers houses and getting them to run round the block!! 🙂

Get an extra bonus for helping your customers go “3 for Free”!

When your customers get “3 for Free”, Vi will pay you a bonus, provided that you have also qualified for 3 for Free in your first 30 days as a promoter. We will help you to do this.

Furthermore, some of your 3 for Free customers will naturally want to become a Body by Vi Promoter so they can get paid for the new customers they helped to introduce.

This is where they will then get paid up to 20%, and you will get 5% team commission.

This team structure encourages you to work with your promoters to help them to succeed.

If you have any questions please call James on 07967 646039. I know it is a lot to take in all at once.

So next, let’s look at how to get started:

Choosing your Promoter Kit

Basic Promoter KitThe Basic Promoter Kit costs just £39 + £5 postage and includes a Challenge tracker bracelet (makes a great conversation starter in public), the Overview video on DVD, a welcome guide, Vi stickers, a Getting Started training sheet, and set-up of your own customer and promoter sign-up website.

The Basic Promoter Kit is a great way for people to get started promoting the Challenge for a minimal investment.

Be sure to also select your own Challenge Kit because your own personal results on the Challenge will turn you into a “walking billboard”, especially if you are dedicated and stick to it.

Star Promoter KitIf you are more serious about the Body by Vi business opportunity, including the BMW car bonus once you get to Regional Director level, and other bonuses including Rising Star, the Lifetime Challenge bonus, £3000 bonus when you hit National Director, £6000 for Presidential Director, £15k for Ambassador, and the weekly bonus pools – then choose either the Executive Promoter Kit or the Star Promoter Kit.

The advantage of these kits is they come with plenty of marketing materials, including samples you can post out to people, starter kits to give to new customers while they are waiting 3 to 5 days for their Challenge Kits to arrive.

You also receive copies of the Challenge magazine to give to people to read, copies of the Challenge Journal, exclusive personal development audio downloads including Challenge to Succeed by Jim Rohn, and of course bags of shakes and boxes of cookies so you have plenty for samples.

Full details of the Body by Vi Promoter Kits.

Why join our Body by Vi team?

Our team in Body by Vi is headed up by Jason O’Toole – a Global Ambassador in ViSalus living in Ontario, Canada. Jason introduced Tanis MacDonald, who is a 5 Star Ambassador from Alberta, Canada. Tanis introduced RJ Barros, a 5 Star Ambassador also from Alberta, Canada. RJ Barros challenged me back in April 2013, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made!

Our team now has over 400 promoters, thousands of customers, a supportive private Facebook support group, an exclusive weekly team conference call featuring “Whats Working Now” for promoters, and events throughout the UK that you can easily plug your contacts into.

By joining our team, you will benefit from a direct upline to people who are highly successful in the business, as well as our own UK spin on things with tips on generating leads online, and traditional word of mouth marketing for those of you who prefer face to face.

If you have any questions please contact James on 07967 646039.

Join the winning team today!

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