Vi Shape Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shake Mix (30 Meals/60 Scoops)


Use the Vi Shape nutritional shake mix to replace meals for weight loss, or add meals to maintain lean muscle mass.

Order multiple bags for automatic savings at the checkout. The price goes as low as £33.99 per 930g pouch.

Best by February 2019.


Improve your nutrition by having a shake for breakfast, or a shake after a workout as a recovery drink.

One shake a day to replace a meal can also help with weight maintenance goals.

One bag will give you enough Vi Shape Nutritional Shape Mix for one shake a day for 30 days, or two shakes a day for 15 days.

Order as many pouches as you need, and discounts will be applied automatically.

Made in the Netherlands for ViSalus.

Learn more by downloading our Vi Shape Fact Sheet (PDF document)

Additional information

Weight 930 g


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