How To Do A Squat Properly

One of the most common and effective ways to improve the strength of your leg muscles is to squat. We all know that the squat is a form of exercise, but few of us know if how to do it properly. If you think that the squat is a simple form of exercise well you are mistaken.

Squats are also known as the king of exercises. This is the first exercise that you need to familiarise yourself with, especially if you are just a beginner. Squatting can improve your overall health especially if you do it properly.

Squats help your body to develop strength, and if you do them regularly you can be free from any kind of back injuries. There many things to consider on how to do a squat properly. Proper squatting will require your flexibility, balance and the mobility of your hips.

Here are some steps and techniques to do the squat properly that will transform your body to a better one:

1. You can start with standing position which your body is upright. The first thing that you must give attention is the position of your feet, and your trunk position while squatting. You must be sure that your feet are apart a little wider compared to your shoulder width. Through this position all your target muscles will be activated. It also places the pressure of your body outside of the feet.

2. Raise your arms in a straight position while holding your chest up and your palms must face downward.

3. One of the best techniques in proper squatting is to hinge your hips back first. For this hip hinge your butt will automatically move backwards a while you are squatting.

4. Your spine must be in neutral position and be sure that while you are bending your knees must follow the line of your feet.

5. Start squatting and make sure your thigh and your arms straight in your front be parallel to the floor. Pause for a while. After you did this you can start again.

If you follow those simple steps in doing proper squat you will be sure that you will get and enjoy the positive results.

You can also prefer to use the squat cage, Smith Machine, or other gym equipment to improve your squat form.

There are also some squat variations that you can try:

1. Single-leg squat is good if you want to improve your muscular imbalances. You are using one leg at a time when squatting.

2. Pistol Squat is hard to master but if you did many people will be impressed. You must hold your one leg in front of you and also yours arms which are parallel to your leg. You can slowly squat while you are holding position and also while you will stand back maintaining that position.

There are many ways to do the squat as long as you do it properly you will get stronger and more muscular legs.

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