Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge Meal Plan

How much excess weight can you lose in 90 days? How much lean muscle can you put on?

Achieving your weight loss or muscle building goal is easier than you think.

Just replace two meals a day with Body by Vi shakes, choose a healthy meal option from the meal plan, have a Nutra Cookie, or Vi Bites as one of your snacks, and choose another healthy snack from the list.

You don’t have to eat everything on the meal plan. You can pick and choose as you wish!

How easy is that?

Have shakes for two meals (or have Vi Crunch for breakfast and a shake for another meal), and choose to have your breakfast, lunch, or evening meal as one of the delicious healthy meal ideas from the list!

No calorie counting, no “syn” values, no points to add up.. In fact, Body by Vi isn’t a diet at all! It is more of a lifestyle change, and it’s easy to stick to.

Body by Vi Meal Plan (PDF document)

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James Winsoar

I've got my body fat down from 26% to 11% and raised my muscle percentage from 42% to 69% in just 12 months on the Challenge. I'm here to support you on your own Project 10 Challenge!

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  1. Want to know as much as I can about vi still learning what is out their what can speed things up everything I need to know thanks

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