About Shop-Vi.co.uk

“I love to help other people with their weight loss and fitness goals”
– James Winsoar, Owner of Shop-Vi.co.uk.

James Winsoar lost 18lb of fat and replaced it with lean muscle.

After my own 18lb weight loss using Body by Vi shakes and Nutra Cookies, I decided to carry on using the products and combine them with exercise to build lean muscle.

I know from personal experience the life transformation that fat loss brings. You feel more confident. You are happy with your own body. Your relationships improve. Everything about life gets better and more enjoyable!

I wanted to help more people to experience the same life changing transformation that I achieved, without the hassle of monthly autoships, and complicated ordering systems.

That’s why I used my online marketing experience to build the Shop-Vi store, making it easy for people in the UK to order Body by Vi products online.

The store makes it easy to find and order the products, including Vi Shape nutritional shake mix, Nutra Cookies, Vi Bites, Vi Crunch, and NEON Energy Drink.

You get discounts of up to 15% off, and free shipping when you spend £300+ which is an incentive to switch more of your meals, snacks, and drinks to healthy Vi products.

I’m always on hand on my mobile number 07967 646039 if you need any help.

As someone who has used all the products myself, and continue to use them to stay fit and healthy, I’m happy to advise you on the best products to match your goals, and give tips on how to use the products most effectively.

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