3 Ways To Burn More Fat… With Cardio

Whether you absolutely love doing cardio classes, or you are the type of person who shys away from any exercise that makes you break out in a sweat, there is no denying that cardio has many health, and fitness benefits.

Cardio can help you to improve your health by getting your heart and lungs working, and it can help you to achieve your weight loss goals quicker if you mix cardio with a sensible diet.

The good news is that the fitness industry is constantly innovating with new ways to make cardio more interesting than straightforward running or cycling, which is great if you want to switch up your sessions!

1. Technogym Skillmill

This is a treadmill on steroids! It helps you to burn even more calories than a traditional treadmill, and as it doesn’t use any motor it is also better for the environment.

All of the energy produced comes from your own body, and it also means that the skillmill also matches your running speed precisely.

The feel of the skillmill is like pushing a sled, it really works your glutes and hamstrings.

Resistance can also be added, and you can use the skillmill for both running, and walking exercise.

Skillmill is suitable for everyone from people who are new to exercise, right up to elite athletes.

The Woodway Curve is another curved running machine that offers similar benefits. Hopefully we will be seeing these in our gyms very soon.

2. Versaclimber

Just 30 minutes of high resistance training on the versaclimber can burn between 600 and 800 calories!

The movement of the versaclimber is designed to simulate climbing, and it is very low impact meaning it is great for anyone with any injuries.

On a low resistance setting it offers a purely cardio workout, and on a higher resistance it also is a great exercise for your lower body muscles.

The climbing motion makes a welcome change from running and walking movements.

It looks like it might be better than the Stair Climber machine, as your feet and hands are closer together.

3. Concept2 Skierg

This cool new piece of gym equipment simulates the arm motions of skiing, and offers a cardio workout that uses your entire body, including your legs, back, shoulders, and arms at the same time.

The harder you pull, the more resistance there is due to the clever flywheel design. This means that you can even alter the resistance in the middle of exercise without having to stop and adjust anything.

The Skierg incorporates a performance monitor, giving you instant feedback on each pull, in a similar way to a rowing machine computer. You can even connect it to the internet and compare yourself against others!

If you just want to burn more calories in less time, here are a list of the top exercises you can do without equipment:

  • Running at 10mph (733 calories per half hour)
  • Cycling at 20mph+ (733 calories per half hour)
  • Sprint Intervals (465 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Tabata Training (450 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Rock Climbing (409 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Swimming – Butterfly Stroke (409 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Running at 5% gradient (373 calories per 30 minutes)
  • Jogging (372 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Skipping (372 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Rowing (316 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Cross Country Skiing (298 calories in 30 minutes)
  • Burpees (298 calories in 30 minutes)

Calories quoted are for an average 155 pound person.

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