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Dear Friend,

Hi, I’m James Winsoar, and I’ve been doing the Body by Vi Project 10 Challenge now since April 2013, when the Challenge first began in the UK.

When I first started the Challenge I hated the way I looked and it was getting worse, my stomach was fat and bloated, I was struggling to lose weight, despite going to the gym and training really hard five times a week.

I had just about given up on the thought of ever getting back into shape, and that’s when I heard about Body by Vi.

How I found out about Vi Shakes

I started seeing the amazing before and after photos of people on the Challenge from the United States and Canada where it originated.

I was blown away by all the incredible transformations I was seeing on Twitter and Facebook, and honestly thought it looked too good to be true.

Another thing that got me interested was the claims that the shake mix tasted like cake mix.

The previous brand I was using certainly didn’t taste good, and I was fed up of having big tubs of one flavour that I invariably got bored of taking, and they just ended up sat in the cupboard.

When I heard that Body by Vi was launching in the United Kingdom, I decided to go to one of the pre-launch events and try the Vi shakes out for myself.

When I tasted the shakes so I was blown away by how delicious they tasted, and the texture is so smooth – I couldn’t believe they could actually be good for you too!

So without hesitation, I accepted the Challenge, and to this day it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

How the Challenge Works

My results thus far

You can see all of my weigh in videos and measurements on my timeline by the way as proof.

To begin with, I wanted to get my stomach flat, and I worked out I had about 11lbs of fat (just under a stone) to lose.

Does Body by Vi work? Hell yeah!!In the first three months I managed to lose 11lbs, I got my stomach flat, and got my body fat percentage down to 14%, so the majority of the weight I lost was fat.

Incidentally, I also monitored my body water composition during this time to ensure I really was losing fat, and not just water retention!

My muscle percentage was then 42%, and as I had lost the majority of the fat I wanted to lose, I then started having the shakes and cookies with two meals a day, plus a couple of healthy snacks, to build lean muscle.

Between 7th October 2013, and to date I’ve increased my muscle percentage to 69% of my body weight.

I used the same electronic scales for all the measurements to ensure accuracy.

So in total since I began I’ve replaced a whopping 38lbs of fat with muscle, by gradually burning off the fat by drinking the Vi Shakes, and eating the Nutra-Cookies as snacks, and added lean muscle by doing interval training and weight training at the gym.

How it works

When you start your own Project 10 Challenge you pick a goal – either to lose fat, or build muscle.

You might have in mind for example a goal of losing two stone in weight (about 12kg), so that is a weight loss goal.

Or your goal might be to pack on 10lbs of lean muscle – a muscle building goal.

Bear in mind that healthy weight loss is considered to be 1 to 2lbs per week.

The next step is to select the right kit that matches your goal, and this is where an experienced Vi promoter like myself can help you.

Here is a rough guide to give you an idea:

  • Balance Kit
    Simply for balancing your nutrition, maybe if you are skipping breakfast have a Vi shake to keep you feeling full until lunch. Also good for weight maintence by replacing just one meal a day with a healthy Vi shake.
  • Shape Kit
    Get your body into shape with two healthy Vi shakes a day. Replace two meals if you want to lose fat, or use a shake to add one or two meals a day to build lean muscle.
  • Boost Kit (my personal choice)
    Boost your challenge results with two shakes a day and a delicious and nutritious Vi Nutra-Cookie which come in two flavours – Oatmeal and Raisin, and Choc Chip. Again replace meals for fat loss, or add meals to build muscle.
  • Transformation Kit
    If you have a substantial weight loss goal, choose this kit. It contains metabolism boosters, supplements to help with food moods, and Omega Essentials which help to replace bad fat with good fat in your system for even faster weight loss results.

Give me a call and I will recommend the best kit for you!

All of the kits contain the Vi Shape Nutritional Shake Mix, and the Boost and Transformation Kits contain the Nutra-Cookies.

The Transformation Kit includes Vi-Trim, Metab-Awake, and Omega Essentials.

What does it cost?

OK, so you’ve got your goal in mind, and you know roughly which kit would be best for you in doing that goal.

The great news is that Vi costs less than all the other competitors on the market – and you can even get your kit for free!

Let’s have a look at the cost breakdown:

How Vi Shape compares with other diet shakes on the market

The cost per serving of a Vi Shake is just under £1.30, compare that with £1.55 for Cambridge Diet shakes, or £1.80+ for Herbalife.

Healthy formulation – no nasties!

Other than the cost savings, a big improvement with Vi is that it is aspartame-free.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener with a very bad press, recent studies have linked aspartame to killing brain cells and lots of other negative symptoms.

So, be assured that unlike our competitors Vi Shape mix contains no nasties!

The Vi Nutra-Cookies are also free of hydrogenated fat.

If you check the ingredients of competitors protein snack bars you will find this hidden nasty ingredient, sometimes disguised as “trans fats”, or “partially-hydrogenated fats” (no better).

Vi only use the highest quality ingredients, that have been thoroughly tested through peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Saves money on your grocery bills too!

Remember that you will be replacing meals with Vi shakes for your weight loss goals, so you won’t have to spend as much money on your weekly grocery shop.

In fact, I’ve worked out I’ve saved thousands of pounds already simply by having shakes instead of other meals.

Let’s just look at just one every day comparison:

Sainsburys Chicken Salad

Sainsbury’s Honey & Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad
Cost per pack: £3.10.
Contains: 21.7g fat, 604 calories.

Vi Shape Nutritional Shape Mix with 250ml Milk
Cost per shake: ~£1.30 (£1.80 saving)
Contains: 7.5g fat (from milk), 255 calories.

Both products contain a similar amount of protein – which is one of the main macronutrients our bodies need, but the Vi Shake contains less fat and less calories, so it will help you to lose fat, but maintain muscle mass.

You are therefore going to feel fuller longer.

I’ve never felt hungry on the Challenge. In fact, and I have tried other companies products in the past and was absolutely starving all the time. I’m sure you can relate to that!

Let’s assume that you have this meal every day at work. You’re going to save £9.00 a week on your lunch alone, that’s £468 a year in cost savings.

Look at it this way and the Vi Shape Mix saves you money. Those savings really add up when you replace two meals a day.

And what’s better than saving money?

I’ve just explained how the cost of the Vi shake is less than the cost of an equivalent healthy meal.

Now let’s look at how you can get the product for free.

Yes, you heard correctly – for free!

Would you believe that I’ve only ever paid for my first kit.

Maybe that isn’t typical for most people on the Challenge, but let me share with you my experience, so you know how I did it.

I started in April 2013, I paid for the Boost Kit, and I was so excited about getting into the best shape of my life for once that I posted about it on Facebook.

Here is the exact post:

Challenge Accepted!!

As you can see the comment got a lot of interaction, and several private messages.

From this post I got eleven friends all asking me what it is, how they can do it etc.

I decided to throw a “Challenge Party”, and invited them round to my house, I showed them the overview video, and gave them a small sample of the shake to try.

Bear in mind, at this time the shakes had not even started shipping yet in the UK!

I only had one sample sachet of the Canadian shake from the person I signed up with.

Everyone loved the concept and six of my friends accepted the Challenge for themselves.

This is how I qualified to get my product for free.

Every month after that I’ve only ever paid the postage and packing cost, so I’ve literally saved thousands upon thousands of pounds on product, and groceries that I would have bought otherwise.

You may be thinking “that’s alright for me because I’m on Facebook”. Maybe you’re not on Facebook? Well.. I was so fired up about the Challenge I went through my phone and also texted the last 20 people I’d been in contact with too.

I told them “I’ve just accepted the challenge to get my stomach flat, and do you want to join me”?

I followed up by phone with them, and even more came on board.

Make money promoting the Challenge if you wish!

At this point I was so happy I’d signed up as a promoter of the Challenge because a couple of my friends, Neil Turner and Austin Walters wanted to promote the Challenge too!

Neil had heard about it when he was in America and was just waiting for it to come over to the UK, and Austin just loved the concept and wanted to make some extra money.

So there are lots of ways to challenge people, by facebook, text message, phone, and of course in person.

It’s an easy topic to slip into conversation, as the issue of weight comes up all the time.

In fact, it’s hard to keep it a secret because people notice the difference in the way you look, and your confidence levels too.

So I encourage you to go public with your goals. You never know – you may have three friends who are just waiting for this solution to come into their lives. If you don’t tell them about it you can be sure someone else will.

The way it works is as long as you have three people on the Challenge with you, you get your kit for free every month, only paying the postage fee.

Your friends just need to be on the same kit as you or higher to qualify.

Let me know if you need help with this, and I will gladly assist.

Entering to Win!

When I first started, I had been struggling with losing weight, and quite honestly I didn’t know if it would work for me, but I thought there is a full money back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose by trying it – and the shakes taste delicious and are filling for hours anyway – so no hardship there.

Vi award 6 people each week with £6000 who have lost 10lbs of fat, or build 10lbs of muscle with Project 10.

To enter, you just need to have a starting weight video to prove the weight you were when you began the challenge, and another video to show your weight after losing 10lbs of fat, or gaining 10lbs of muscle.

Whenever you lose 10lbs or you gain 10lbs of muscle, ViSalus will donate 90 meals to needy kids, and you get a free “I Lost It”, or “I Built It” t-shirt.

Here’s me when I got my first “I Lost It” t-shirt:

I Lost It with Project 10!

Since then I’ve just been continuing to get my body fat lower, and build up my muscle percentage.

Incidentally, when I posted this pic on Facebook I got 47 likes, and 29 comments!

Several of those people accepted the Challenge too!

Vi Shake Recipes

One of the best things about the Vi Shape mix is that it comes in one base flavour called Sweet Cream, that tastes a bit like a cake mix.

Each kit comes with flavour Mix-Ins – chocolate or strawberry flavour which both have antioxidant benefits to them, but they make it really easy to quickly make a strawberry or chocolate flavour protein shake on the go.

You can also make literally hundreds of other flavours so you will never get bored.

Here are some of my favourite ones:

Fererro Rocher Flavour Vi Shake

Fererro Rocher Flavour Vi Shake RecipeIngredients:

2 heaped scoops Vi Shape Mix
250ml semi-skimmed milk
1 Chocolate Flavour Mix-In Sachet
4 Drops Natural Hazelnut Flavouring

Add 2 ice cubes and blend until smooth!

Bounty Flavour Vi Shake

Bounty Flavour Vi Shake Recipe


2 heaped scoops Vi Shape Mix
250ml semi-skimmed milk
1 Chocolate Flavour Mix-In Sachet
4 Drops Natural Coconut Flavouring

Add 2 ice cubes and blend until smooth!

Snickers Bar Flavour Vi Shake

Snickers Vi Shake Recipe


2 heaped scoops Vi Shape Mix
250ml semi-skimmed milk
1 heaped teaspoon pure peanut butter
1 Chocolate Flavour Mix-In Sachet
6 Drops Natural Butter Caramel Flavouring

Add 2 ice cubes and blend until smooth!

Vi Pancakes with Blueberries

Vi Pancake Recipe

The pancakes and the Snickers flavour shake are my personal favourites, but often I just have the Vi Shake unflavoured with nothing extra added, it’s fast, convenient, tastes delicious, and works!

By the way I love to hear about new Vi shake recipes so if you find any that are worth trying (and healthy please!), leave details in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Enter your name and email address for more recipes!

90 Day Results Guarantee* 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

By now you must be seriously considering starting, having read this far down the page, I’m guessing you have at least some interest in accepting the Challenge.

What’s great is that Vi offer a no-quibble 90 day results guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

When you start, set yourself a goal, and make a video to prove your starting weight.

Keep this safe on your phone, as you will need it later when it comes to entering to win. But also in the event that for any reason the Vi Shakes don’t work for you (highly unlikely I know – but this guarantee does offer peace of mind).

So lets say for whatever reason it doesn’t work. Simply contact Vi within 90 days and they will refund the full cost you have paid for your Challenge Kits – minus any postage and packing fees.

Vi is that confident that the products work. In fact over four million people have lost millions and millions of llbs of fat using Vi shakes on the Project 10 Challenge already.

So you have nothing to lose, but weight!

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

The guarantee also applies to muscle building goals too.

What other company on the planet is this confident about getting results?

Accept the Challenge today!

So we have looked at setting your goal, selecting your kit, and entering to win.

They are the basics of the Project 10 Challenge.

I’ve also explained a little about the 3 for Free programme; where you can get your next kits free when you have three friends doing the Challenge with you.

Not to mention the 90 Day Money Back guarantee for your peace of mind.

So the next step is to take action.

Let’s face it, no amount of thinking about it is going to get you in the best shape of your life.

Just like I did, it’s time to bite the bullet and order your first Challenge kit.

A goal is not a goal unless you go public. So once your kit is ordered, start telling your friends you have accepted the Challenge too. Send them to this site so they can learn about the Challenge, and when they accept that will count towards your 3 for free.

Join our team’s Facebook Group where you can get support from other people on the Challenge, share tips and recipes, and be part of our Vi community.

How to get started

You can order your Challenge Kit online from our shop (PayPal accepted – and you aren’t tied into any monthly commitment), or you can call me on 07967 646039 to discuss your goals, which kits to order, and all other aspects of the Challenge.

If you go through to my voicemail, please leave a message or send me a text, and I will call you back.

I can’t wait to help you get started!

Here’s to your success!

James Winsoar
National Director

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